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Grace Jones Latest to Detail Sexual Abuse

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Singer and actor Grace Jones says that the producer of her first movie attempted to sexually abuse her.

Grace was asked about sexual abuse in a recent interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. She said, “It was the first film Ossie Davis was directing and the producer came to say meet him at his place because that was not the last word. Ossie didn’t have the last word. I had to bring my portfolio to him. When I got to his house (and I don’t remember his name thank God), he poured some champagne. He was in his bathrobe. He took me to a room, of course I didn’t know his house, and it was his bedroom. So with the champagne, even then at that young age, I splashed it in his face and walked out the door”.

IMDB lists Grace Jones’ first movie as Gordon’s War although she was 25 years old when it was released, not 17 as she states in this interview. “I got flowers the next day from the same guy,” she said.

Grace says sexual abuse is not necessarily about sex. “It is a power thing” she said. “This person obviously can’t get it in the normal route, or he has no patience, or he feels he doesn’t have to. That feeling of ‘I have the last word’, that really upset me. I knew I had the role through Ossie but to say to me “I have the last work’ is what he said ‘and you don’t get it unless you go through me’.

The next Grace Jones movie is Bloodlight and Bami, a documentary about her private and public life. It will open in Australian cinemas on March 8, 2018.