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DMX Returning to Jail After Failing Drug Tests

by VVN Music

Last July, rapper DMX was charged with 14 counts of tax fraud for unpaid taxes back to 2000 totaling $1.7 million.

He was initially put on house arrest, wearing an ankle bracelet, after posting $500,000 in bail but he appealed to the court who allowed him to enter a rehabilitation program.  In December, that was again modified to allow DMX to travel to put on concerts as long as a rehab counselor toured with him

Unfortunately, sometime in mid-January, DMX was allowed to leave the rehab program when his 1-year-old son became ill.  Sometime during that approved leave, he relapsed and started violating other parts of his agreement by traveling to concerts that weren't previously approved and not bringing along a counselor.  Signs of the relapse started showing when he started delaying shows a couple of hours, coming to a head in Philadelphia where the show, which ended up being only 45 minutes, started four hours late.

In addition, a video appeared on line of DMX in a St. Louis airport bar where he appeared to be under the influence.

All of this led to a court ordered drug test where he was positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone.

For most people, this would have been a wake-up call but not for DMX who totally missed his hearing for the failed test and, when it was postponed for 1-1/2 hours, still showed up late.  The judge was less than amused and ordered him back to jail.

His next hearing is on March 28.  DMX faces up to 44 years in jail if found guilty of all fourteen counts.