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Chicago, AC/DC, Barry White, Brian Wilson, Dionne Warwick, Jan & Dean & More Come to Streaming

by VVN Music

The following is new music programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime that has premiered over the last week:

  • Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago - This rockumentary tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Hall-of-Fame band Chicago, from their jazz-rock fusion roots to chart-topping pop hits.
  • Justin Beiber: Never Say Never - Teen idol Justin Bieber provides personal snapshots from throughout his career, culminating with scenes from his triumphant 2010 concert tour.
  • Residente - The results of a DNA test spur Puerto Rican rap icon Residente to set out on a global voyage in search of his roots and fresh musical inspiration.
  • AC/DC: Highway to Hell: Classic Album Under Review - This film puts the album Highway To Hell under the spotlight and with the help of those who worked on the record, friends of Bon Scott, AC/ DC biographers and others who were there at the time, discovers how the album was made, how it was received and how it still inspires musicians and fans alike to this day. Featuring rare and classic footage of the group and interviews.
  • Barry White & Love Unlimited - The man with the legendary satin smooth voice, Barry White, came to Frankfurt at the peak of his career in 1975. Accompanied by Love Unlimited, the female vocal group which Barry had formed in 1969. He enchanted the audience with a truly memorable concert performing some of his most celebrated declarations of love. 
  • Beyonce: R&B Singer - The soulful, riveting Beyonce Knowles is examined in this documentary.
  • Black Oak Arkansas: Live at Royal Albert Hall - Black Oak Arkansas: Live at Royal Albert Hall is a high-energy close-up from the rearview mirror of classic rock featuring a remastered and remixed live performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, with a narrated introduction from front man Jim Dandy giving a southern-style sermon about the truth of"good& evil" or"God& the devil," however you want it!
  • Brian Wilson: Songwriter: 1969-1982 - While the latter part of his career is rarely championed with the same kind of enthusiasm that greets his 1960s productions, it remains an essential part of Brian Wilson's story and contains many, many moments of glory which compare favourably to those which litter the era generally considered his heyday. Features Mark Volman, Bruce Johnston, Hal Blaine and more.
  • Dionne Warwick: Love Will Keep Us Together - Though steeped in Gospel, R&B and Jazz, sophisticated Pop music has become Dionne Warwick's trademark. Truly one of the original Divas, her career now spans nearly five decades. Recorded live on January 21, 1977 with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, this magnificent concert includes all her hits.
  • Eric Clapton: The 1970's Review - This film follows Eric Clapton's journey through the 70s, from his immersion in musical collectives such as Delaney& Bonnie& Friends and Derek and the Dominoes, through his re-emergence in 1974 as a phenomenally successful solo artist and onwards across a series of critically acclaimed albums and tours.
  • Jan and Dean: One Last Ride - Fast cars, surfing and girls on the beach-the heart and soul of the California lifestyle in the '60s. Their best known hits,'Surf City,''The Little Old Lady from Pasadena,' and'Dead Man's Curve,' are classics rediscovered by each new generation. Together for the first time after years off from touring.
  • Jane's Addiction: Alive at Twenty-Five - The Legendary Band, Jane's Addiction performs their 2X Platinum Alt-Rock Masterpiece Album in it's entirety, along with the bands biggest hits- igniting the stage at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, during the bands 2015/2016 Silver Spoon Anniversary Tour to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the bands Groundbreaking Album.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan: 1984-1989: Lonestar - This film traces and reveals The Full, Previously Un-Told Story Of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Glory Years, the period between the release of his debut album and his tragic death in a helicopter crash in 1989.
  • 808 - Back in 1980 Japanese electronics manufacturer Roland released one of the most important musical instruments ever, the TR-808. Although it only led a limited life, the 808 became world renowned, its signature low end bass and unique sounds redefining the musical landscape.
  • Athens, GA: Inside Out - Led by the success of the B-52's and R.E.M., Athens, Georgia was the most happening music scene in the country by the mid 80's/ Following several different bands from different genres, this film paints Athens as a magical artistic environment where bands are not in competition, but co-exist in harmony. Live performances of R.E.M.'s"Swan Swan H" and"Dream (All I Have To Do)" at the Lucy Cobb Institute chapel are included. Also featured are performances and interviews frm the B-52's, Pylon, B-B-Que Killers, Time Toy, Jim Herbert, Flat Duo Jets, Love Tractor, Kilkenny Cats, Squalls, and more.
  • Sixteen Days in China: A Documentary by Martin Atkins - Martin Atkins (member of PiL, Pigface, Killing Joke, etc)documents his 2006 trip to Beijing, China, where he recorded the cream of the Beijing music scene crop. Exclusive Studio footage including the recording of the china dub sound system album, upcoming Chinese artists including Snapline, The Subs, and P.K.14. Also contains music videos, cultural commentary, exclusive music, and more! Bonus Features: Cultural Revolution Poster slideshow, videos for Snapline's 'Pornostar' and China Dub Soundsystem's 'Yellow Cab'. Also includes trailers for the Tour:Smart and Look Directly into the Sun DVDs.
  • Attica Rage: Road Dog Forever - A behind the scenes look at Glasgow metallers, Attica Rage. Filmed over two years, this documentary covers the band's journey while recording their second studio album, Road Dog. Also features over an hour of live footage from their home town concert at the Classic Grand.