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The Home and Studio of Trevor Horn Have Burned Down in California Wildfires

by VVN Music

There are thousands of families losing their homes and belongings in the current California wildfires and we now have confirmation of the fire hitting a music artist's residence.

Trevor Horn, the musician, producer and songwriter who has been a member of the Buggles, Yes and Art of Noise, has not only lost his home but also his state-of-the art studio.

Horn wrote on social media:

Sarm West Coast caught fire yesterday not musically as it has done in the past 20 years, but physically. We haven’t been able to get there yet but by all accounts it’s completely burnt down. Thank you all for your kind messages. Please G-D we will build a new one.

The SARM West Coast studio was built in 1981 and has been used for recording a long list of albums over the years including music for the Pet Shop Boys, Lana Del Rey, Art of Noise, One Direction, Slash and Kanye West.

Horn's is the second confirmed case of the property of a musician being damaged or destroyed in the current outbreak of fires.  Last week, Simon Phillips of Toto reported that his family home had burned to the ground.

You can see pictures of the former SARM West Coast at their site.