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Rumor Mill: Coachella Headliners to Span Hip-Hop and R&B

by VVN Music

2018's Coachella headliners may be a sweep for Hip-Hop and R&B.

The site Consequences of Sound is reporting that industry sources are telling them that the three nights of the festival will be headlined by Eminem, Beyonce and The Weeknd. 

Beyonce is no surprise. The singer was scheduled to headline last year but had to pull out after she found out she was expecting twins. Lady Gaga was brought in as a replacement making her only the second female artist to headline over the festivals eighteen year history (Bjork was the first in 2007).  Beyonce will become the third.

Their is no confirmation yet on the Eminem and Weeknd rumors and the lineup announcement is not expected until next month.

Amazingly, according to Consequences of Sound, the Weeknd has the longest history with the festival, appearing in twice on the under bill along with a surprise guest last year. Beyonce made two guest appearances in 2010 and 2014 while Eminem has been a guest once, with Dr. Dre, in 2012.

This year's festival is scheduled for two consecutive weekends, April 13 to 15 and April 20 to 22, with duplicate lineups for all dates.