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Gloria Estefan's Daughter Faces Backlash in Social Media Over Sexuality

by Newsdesk

Gloria Estefan's singer daughter Emily is facing criticism online after celebrating her one-year anniversary with her girlfriend on Instagram.

Emily Estefan, the Cuban icon's daughter with her manager husband Emilio, took to social media on Saturday (December 16) to share her joy after receiving a touching message of love from her partner, Gemeny Hernandez.

The young singer reposted Gemeny's sweet tribute on her page, alongside a black-and-white photo of the couple.

Her girlfriend's dedication read in part: "You swept me. You took me from my standing place and catapulted me to a new world. A brand new place, a most beautiful universe unlike anything I had every seen. (I know now I could only have reached it with you holding my hand.) There is love in every corner here. And not the kind of love you might think I'm referring to. Not flowers, chocolates, and poor-rhyme-scheme love. True love. Good love. Our love..."

Emily, who had also gushed about her partner in her own anniversary post last week (December 14), was left speechless by the moving piece, and thanked Gemeny for her heartfelt words in her own caption.

"What does it feel like to have words like THIS written about you? I'll let you know when I have an answer," she wrote. "for now.. I'm just a glowing puddle. I love you. Each and every word you write elevates me. (about me or not) I can't wait for the world (and you) to see what you're capable of."

The public declarations of love were largely applauded by fans, but some people didn't appreciate the sentiments and expressed their disappointment at her sexuality.

"What a shame that the daughter of Gloria Estefan is gay. Just because of love it does not make it right in God's eyes..." one follower commented, while another homophobic remark read: "Must be a shame for her parents that she's gay".

Emily's fans were quick to fire back at the backlash by attacking critics of the 23-year-old's lifestyle.

"There is so much ignorance in the world...," responded one Instagram user, as a fellow supporter posted, "Live and let live, and respect, is no one business but Emily's. The world would be a better place if some people knew how to respect others."

Emily Estefan's famous parents have yet to comment on her relationship, but it's clear they have welcomed Gemeny into their family as she joined the Estefans in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, when singing superstar Gloria was feted as a Kennedy Center Honoree.

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