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Garth Brooks May Be Planning Stadium Tour For 2019

by VVN Music

Garth Brooks has been tearing up the concert box office for almost two year with his comeback tour.

Brooks took over a decade off to raise his children and, after a Las Vegas residency, went back on the road in 2016, often playing multiple nights in each city.  To date, the tour has sold almost six millions tickets.

Those shows were mainly in arenas but Garth is now hinting at even bigger venues for his next trek.

Brooks recently told Taste of Country at a pre-show press conference in Nashville that he's looking at the move to stadiums. "I can tell you this: what does allow you to do everything is you move to bigger places to play. I don't want to leave the arenas the same way I didn't want to leave the bars, because that's your home. You know that. Maybe it's time to look at, can you make a stadium show personal? Because I didn't think you could make an arena as personal as you could a bar, and these people proved me wrong. That's the next thing."

He added "2019 is going to make everything look small that we've done."