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Watch: Chad Smith Does a Will Ferrell on Heckler Who Yelled Ferrell's Name

by VVN Music

Chad Smith and Will Ferrell look alike.  Smith knows it, Ferrell knows it and a guy sitting in the audience of a Smith gig at the Musician's Institute thought it would be funny to state the obvious.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer and the actor have played together for charity on a couple of occasions so it would seem that Smith would not be upset with the comparison but, when a fan in the crowed yelled out Ferrell's name, Chad indigently yelled "Shut Up!" and stormed off the stage for a short period.

The crowd was confused, not knowing if it was a joke or serious but, when Smith returned, it became obvious. "I think it's great. I'm fuckin' famous because of Will Ferrell...I was in an OK rock band for awhile then that idiot said "hey, I look like you" and, next thing you know, people on the street are like "Hey, man, you're really funny"".

Here's their original "drum off" from Jimmy Fallon: