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Vintage Video: Slade Hits #1 in the U.K. With "Cos I Love You"

by VVN Music

It's amazing that Slade never made it in the U.S. as they were huge hitmakers in their native Britain.

Formed in 1969 out of the remnants of a number of midland-Britain bands, releasing their debut album, Beginnings (while still called Ambrose Slade), that same year. A second album, Play It Loud (1970) also failed to produce much in sales but the third time was the charm as Slayed? (1972) topped the British charts on the strength of a number of singles which led up to the release.

"Cos I Love You", which hit number 1 on this day (November 13, 1971) 36 years ago, was the first of those big its and their first of six chart toppers over their career, including a little song called "Cum On Feel the Noise" (1973) which would become an anthem for Quiet Riot a decade later.

The record had a quick ascent to the top, being released on October 8 and making the top just over a month later. It would hold that spot through early December.

Here, they perform the song on Top of the Pops later in December of 1971.

In America, Slade had their only top forty hit in 1984 with "Run Runaway" (1984 / #20 U.S. / #7 U.K.).

The top five singles in Britain on November 13, 1971:
  1. Coz I Love You - Slade
  2. Maggie Mae/Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart
  3. The Witch Queen of New Orleans - Redbone
  4. Till - Tom Jones
  5. Simple Game - Four Tops