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Two Women Come Out With Statements on Inappropriate Behavior by Gene Simmons

by VVN Music

It was only a matter of time before the sexual abuse accusations hit the world of music.

Gene Simmons of KISS has been accused of making inappropriate statements or actions against two women. The first, voice actress Mary E. McGlynn, said that she had been the butt of an inappropriate joke while Simmons was visiting a studio on an unidentified date:

Gene Simmons was at a studio today. He said hello, I went to shake his hand and he pointed to his dick saying "that's the fun machine". I took a moment of pause and after hearing he did that to a number of other women at the studio, I followed him out to the parking lot and called him out on it:

ME: I went to shake your hand and you pointed to your dick.
Gene: I did not!
ME: Yes you did. That is NOT OKAY.
Gene: I was joking!
ME: You guys need to learn that it's not funny.

I waled away. And I'm still shaking. Shaking for standing up for myself, almost feeling guilty. But I'm so glad I said it.


McGlynn's long list of credits include the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, Tangled: The Series, Sailor Moon Crystal and X-Men.

Comic artist Tess Fowler responded to McGlynn with her own Simmons story:

I believe you. I met him at SDCC in 2004 when he was brought by the Heavy Metal booth. He hugged me and then told me I was keeping the candy away from him (hugging with just my upper body) He grabbed my hips and thrust against me. I'm so sorry this happened to you.