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The Zombies Now Challenging Judas Priest For the Fifth Spot on the Fan's Rock Hall Ballot

by VVN Music

Unfortunately for the Eurythmics, their fan votes are not keeping pace with the rest of the field at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's fan vote.

With less than two weeks left to vote for your five selections of the 19 nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the fan choices are clear, at least for two artists.  Bon Jovi is running away with the vote, coming up on 900,000 while the Moody Blues sit at 735,000.

After that, the waters get a little more murky. Dire Straits looks to make the cut with just over 480,000 votes and the Cars have been steadily in fourth with 431,000; however, the fifth spot is up for grabs.

When we last looked at the totals, a month ago, the Eurythmics were in fifth place and set for the final fan vote, leading Judas Priest by a slim 2,000.  The Zombies were over 20,000 behind Priest.

Those positions have flipped around over the ensuing thirty days. Judas Priest is now ahead of the Zombies by under 11,000 votes while the Eurythmics are now behind Priest by over 40,000.

The top five vote getters will receive the fan's vote for the Rock Hall. Of course, the final selections could be drastically different as a large panel of voters from the industry also get their voices heard on an equal basis to the fans.

Like we saw a month ago, the two first timers, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine, are far off the pace with the fans, coming in at 11th and 13th respectively.

The current totals:
  1. Bon Jovi - 891,137
  2. Moody Blues - 734,713
  3. Dire Straits - 480,299
  4. The Cars - 431,125
  5. Judas Priest - 401,304
  6. The Zombies - 390,828
  7. Eurythmics - 357,981
  8. J. Geils Band - 268,669
  9. Depeche Mode - 242,409
  10. Nina Simone - 145,506
  11. Radiohead - 140,028
  12. Kate Bush - 137,548
  13. Rage Against the Machine - 131,514
  14. The MC5 - 99,871
  15. LL Cool J - 92,835
  16. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - 86,994
  17. Link Wray - 76,122
  18. Rufus featuring Chaka Khan - 66,000
  19. The Meters - 45,506