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Stella Parton Upset That Sister Dolly Did Not Speak Out Against Publicist

by Newsdesk

Dolly Parton's sister has attacked the singer for failing to speak out against a former publicist accused of sexual misconduct.

Stella Parton admits she is disgusted by PR guru Kirt Webster's former clients, who have yet to comment on allegations of sexual assault.

The Webster PR boss, whose clients included Dolly, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams, Jr., Tanya Tucker, and Kid Rock, has stepped down as the head of the company after singer Austin Rick accused him of sexual misconduct.

Then pursuing a country music career under the name Austin Cody, Rick alleged Webster performed oral sex on him and drugged him so he could assault him at a party.

The claim sparked a series of similar allegations against the PR boss, and prompted Kid Rock to speak out and dump Webster as his publicist.

Parton also released a statement, which read: "I've worked with Kirt Webster for many years and he has done a wonderful job. I am hoping that the accusations are not true."

But now her sister insists she should have gone further - and more former clients should have spoken out to condemn Webster.

"I was disgusted that the entire industry - all of the artists and the managers and the record companies and the CMA (Country Music Awards) and all the people at other PR firms - that no one can say anything?" Stella tells Nashville's WSMV news station.

"I have been victimised myself, and to let these predatory monsters run loose up and down our streets on Music Row (in Nashville)? I am sorry, that is unacceptable."

And Dolly's sister has singled out country singer Janie Fricke for appearing to defend her former publicist during an interview on the same news network on 3 November (17).

"I don't believe in the sensationalism," Fricke said, adding, "I don't believe in the term 'sexual harassment'. I don't believe in any of that."

"I thought, 'How delusional can you be, lady?' Stella rages. "I was just horrified."