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Snoop Dogg Doubles Down With a Toe-Tagged "Trump" on New Album Cover

by VVN Music

Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg released the video for his track "BadBadNotGood" which included the rapper pointing a gun at an actor with a mask of Donald Trump in clown face.

The video more pointedly took a look at police violence from a black person's perspective but the Trump cameo was just icing on the cake for Snoop. "Nobody's dealing with the real issue with this f****** clown as a president."

Last Friday, Snoop released a new EP in MP3 format only, Make America Crip Again, in an obviously play on Donald Trump's favorite phrase. The "cover" of the MP3 took things a bit farther by showing the title on the front of a baseball cap ala the "Make America Great Again" campaign.

Earlier today (November 1), the cover of the physical version of Make America Crip Again was released and it upped the controversy exponentially.

Snoop is seen standing over a flag draped body that has a toe tag with the name "Trump" on it.

The betting is on for how long it will take until Donald Trump tweets about the cover.

By the way, for those with a strong sense of deja vu looking at that cover, we offer the following: