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Paul Stanley Calls Marilyn Manson "Pathetic" For Using Charles Manson For Promotion

by Newsdesk

KISS rocker Paul Stanley has branded Marilyn Manson “pathetic” and “desperate” for using an image of late murderer Charles Manson to promote his music.

The serial killer died on Sunday at the age of 83 after being hospitalized last week in a critical state.

Marilyn took to Twitter on Monday to share a photo of the former cult leader alongside a link to one of his songs, Sick City – a move which didn’t go down well with KISS guitarist Paul.

“Pathetic when somebody who’s (sic) career never really took off is desperate enough to try for publicity by connecting himself to the news of a murdering scumbag’s death. @RollingStone @UltClassicRock,” he fumed on social media, referencing publications that reported Marilyn’s tweet.

However, fans of Marilyn, real name Brian Warner, were quick to defend their idol, with one user known as space_brain listing some facts to Paul.

“Firstly Marilyn has sold over 50 million albums worldwide so I don’t know what you’re saying about his career not taking off? Secondly he literally got his name from Charles Manson so it’d be weird for him not to do something following his death,” she pointed out.

Marilyn, 48, has been open about the fact that his stage name, and the name of his band, stems from a combination of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe and criminal Charles, who was serving multiple life sentences at the time of his death after being convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in 1971.

Actress and model Sharon Tate, the then wife of director Roman Polanski, was among the seven victims claimed by Charles’ followers during a two night killing spree in August, 1969.

“Marilyn Monroe had a dark side, just as Charles Manson has a good, intelligent side,” musician Marilyn previously explained in his autobiography.