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Passings: Robert Knight (1945 - 2017)

by VVN Music

Robert Knight, the man who first put the song "Everlasting Love" on the charts before it was co-opted by the likes of Carl Carlton and Gloria Estefan, has died at the age of 72.

Knight was born in Franklin, TN and originally recorded with the group The Paramounts which was made up from friends in his high school.  They managed a regional hit with "Free Me" on Dot Records in 1961 but subsequent recordings were not as popular and they eventually broke their contract with the company, blocking the members from recording for 4-1/2 years.

During his time off, Knight attended Tennessee State University where he studied chemistry and performed with a group called the Fairlanes.  It was while he was with the group that he was seen by an agent who was able to get him signed on Rising Sons Records. His first single for the company, "Everlasting Love", became his biggest hit, going to 13 on the Hot 100 and 14 on the R&B charts although it is remembered now as a much bigger song.

His next two singles, "Blessed Are the Lonely" and "Isn't It Lonely Together", both peaked at 97 on the Hot 100 and ended his chart history in the U.S. but things were different in the U.K. Picked up by the lovers of Northern Soul, he managed two hits in the early part of the 70's, "Love on a Mountain Top" (1973 / #10 U.K.) and a re-release of "Everlasting Love" (1974 / #19 U.K.).

Post-music, Knight worked for Vanderbilt University as a chem lab technician, a chemistry teacher and a ground crew member.