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Passings: Michael Davies (DikMik), Original Keyboard Player For Hawkwind (1943 to 2017)

by VVN Music

Michael Davies, who was also known as DikMik as the original keyboard and synthesizer player for Hawkwind from 1969 to 1973, died early Thursday (November 16) morning.

The band posted the following on social media:

We are very sad to let you know that our old friend and band mate DikMik, (Michael Davies), passed away early this morning. He will be loved and remembered for his innovative contributions not only to Hawkwind, but to a whole musical genre of which he was an important pioneer...

Dave Brock...."I remember when DikMik joined the band, he bought himself an audio generator from Tottenham Court Road, got himself a Watkins Copycat echo unit, a fold up card table, (complete with green baize), and became one of the innovators of electronic music!

It was on DikMik's suggestion, and later persistence, that we got Lemmy to join the band and you know the rest!

Goodbye old chap your legend lives on......x

Various sources say that Davies was born in 1943 or 1944 in Richmond, Surrey, England. Michael was a friend of Brock before the formation of the band and originally signed on to be a roadie but was quickly brought in as a band member.

The band played their first gig, billed as Band X, at All Saints Hall in Notting Hill where DJ John Peel saw them who convinced the promoter, Douglas Smith, to watch them.  Smith was able to get the band signed to Mercury Records, originally as Hawkwind Zoo before changing their name to just Hawkwind.

The Pretty Things' Dick Taylor produced their 1970 self-titled debut which brought them notoriety in the UK underground scene. Their second set, 1971's In Search of Space, brought them the commercial success their debut failed to do, going to number 18 on the U.K. charts; however, Davis was injured in a car accident during the year and had to leave the group for a period of time.

In later 1971, Lemmy Kilmister joined the group, reportedly at the insistence of Davies, and their first release was as part of the live album Greasy Truckers Party (1972) followed by the release of the single "Silver Machine" which went to number 3 in the U.K.

The next year, they released their third album, Doremi Fasoi Latido which went to number 14 in Britain, and their highest charting album, The Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London (1973 / #9) but, before the end of the year, Davies had left the band.

Davies has few credits after leaving Hawkwind with the 1988 self titled album by Exciter as the only one of note.