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New Stryper Bassist Wants to Stop Fears of the Band's Christian Following

by VVN Music

When Stryper announced that Perry Richardson, formerly of FireHouse, was coming on as the band's bassist, a number of fans took to social media to question his Christian standing.

Richardson takes the place of Tim Gaines who had been with the group on and off since 1983. He was let go earlier in the year after a situation with him forced the band to go on a short-term hiatus.

Perry took to social media today to try to calm the waters with the Christian rocker's fans:

Hello everyone...just wanted to stop in and say hi, and thank everyone for welcoming me to the family! The band and everyone on their team have made me feel right at home. Love them already!! I’ve been reading many of your posts, and I totally understand your concerns about my background and whether or not I’m a Christian. I’m proud to say that I am, and have been since I was a kid. I even sang in a southern gospel quartet until I was 14! Lol

Stryper has been a huge influence on me since our first meeting in 1985, and I’m finding it hard to express how honored I am to be a part of family. I hope all of you will give me a chance to prove myself. I’m so excited for the future, and can’t wait to get on the road and meet you guys! ~ Perry