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New Book Tells the About Working With the Rolling Stones Early in Their Career

Title: Out of Our Heads: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Me with Proof of Truth
Author: Ronnie Schneider
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: CLB

"Back in the mid-1960s, overnight, a street-smart east coast kid went from being a college student to tour manager/moneyman and confidante to the Rolling Stones. In his new book, Out of Our Heads: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Me with Proof of Truth, Schneider gives readers an all access pass into the most intimate spaces, from hotels and boardrooms to private planes and backstage debauchery, crunching deals, babysitting the band, tasting wine, woman and dope – this is a front row seat to rock's last great era; jam-packed with rare artifacts and all the paperwork to back it up." - Chris Epting, Huffington Post

From Sam Cooke, the Beatles, the '65, '66, Rolling Stones US Tours, Ronnie Schneider takes you through history's first mythic rock and roll tour, the 1969 Rolling Stones US Tour; he tells the real story about Altamont Dec. 6, 1969, where a Hells Angel killed Meredith Hunter during the free concert; how the greatest rock film of the greatest rock n' roll band, Gimme Shelter came about; and closing with the 1970 Rolling Stones Euro Tour.

This book is filled with great stories that haven't been told before with some fascinating anecdotes about the Beatles: John, Paul, George & Ringo (they thought about acquiring the movie rights to The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and includes separate drawings that both John and Paul made for Ron during a business meeting that gives unique insight into their thoughts on Apple, Ron and the business side of the Beatles.

It's not only rock 'n' roll, Schneider also produced a spaghetti western, Silent Stranger, in Kyoto, Japan for Klein as well as a Herman Hermit's film, Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter, and provides stories and photos of the events.

What makes Out of Our Heads unique is the "Proof of Truth." Ronnie offers handwritten letters, ledgers, receipts, contracts, Western Union telegrams, telexes, deal memos, and incredible rare photos of Ronnie with the band in the 1965-1970 years to back up his stories. There's an old cliché: if you remember the '60s, then you really weren't there. This book disproves it.

"Ronnie Schneider we'd known. He's Klein's nephew but he broke away from him. He's a smart cat. I dig Ronnie. He'd been on a lot of tours with us handling business and hung around with us." — Keith Richards to Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone magazine, August 19, 1971