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Morrissey Again Tries to Downplay Weinstein/Spacey Comments; Says He'll Never Do Another Print Interview

by VVN Music

Morrissey has told a group of concertgoers that he will never do another print interview.

The comment comes after the disastrous talk with Germany's Spiegel last week where he tried to blame the parents of the 14-year-old boy in the midst of the Spacey controversy and said that the Weinstein situations were people who didn't like the way things with their careers.

Before his new interview exile, the singer did talk with Britain's Sunday Times and didn't do a lot to clarify his opinions.  On the Weinstein and Spacey comments:

You must be careful as far as ‘sexual harassment’ is concerned, because often it can be just a pathetic attempt at courtship. I’m sure it’s horrific, but we have to keep everything in proportion. Do you not agree? I have never been sexually harassed, I might add.

On Saturday night, Morrissey played at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago where he outlined his new policy on print interviews:

I did an interview a couple of weeks ago for a German newspaper and, of course, let me just say this: That was the last print interview I will ever do. Unless you see the words form in my mouth and then you see or hear the words come out of my mouth…please, if you don’t see that, I didn’t say them.