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Charles Manson's Ties to Music

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Charles Manson is dead. Good riddance. The serial killer had a bizarre tir-in with the music industry

Manson was behind the murder of nine people including actress Sharon Tate. While Manson did not personally murder anyone he was the mastermind behind his cult killers.

Before the murders Charles Manson was au unsuccessful singer songwriter in Los Angeles but he had some very influential friends.

Manson associated with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. Wilson befriended Manson and had his cult living at his house for a while.

Dennis Wilson also co-wrote the song ‘Cease To Exist’ with Manson. It was retitled ‘Never Learn Not To Love’, recorded by the Beach Boys and released as the b-side to their 1968 single ‘Bluebirds Over The Mountain’.

Manson wanted to be a musician so Dennis introduced him to his friend Terry Melcher, the son of Doris Day, who was a record producer. Melcher was the producer for The Byrds. Melcher auditioned Manson but did not sign him. It was that that set Manson off on his murderous spree.

Melcher owned the house at 10050 Cielo Drive where the Tate murders took place. Manson arranged the murder at Melcher’s house to scare him.

Manson believed The Beatles were talking to him directly through their song ‘Helter Skelter’. He believed it was about an apocalyptic race war and that his murders would start the war.

Charles Manson was jailed on April 22, 1971. He was never released. He is also the inspiration behind the name Marilyn Manson.