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Live Streisand & Devo Plus Docs on Brian Wilson, NWA & More Are New to Streaming This Week

by VVN Music

The following are music documentaries and concerts added to Netflix and Amazon Prime over the last week:

  • Barbra: The Music...The Mem'ries...The Magic! - Iconic songstress Barbra Streisand culminates her 13-city tour in Miami with dazzling ballads, Broadway standards and stories from behind the scenes.
  • Bright: The Music Videos - Explore the hit songs from the Will Smith film "Bright" in these music videos from Machine Gun Kelly, Bastille, Logic, Migos and friends.
  • Devo: Live 1980 - This rare footage has been compiled from a full-length show at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA in 1980. Songs include Its Not Right, Pink Pussycat, Whip It, Girl U Want, (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction, Swelling Itching Brain and many more. This is Devo at the peak of their game! Bonus material: Dove - The Band of Love from M80 Concert in 1980, Praying Hands & Shrivel Up. The CD side contains a stereo mix of the entire live show.
  • Bruce Springsteen: Becoming the Boss: 1949-1985 Unauthorized - This DVD documentary traces the years Bruce Springsteen spent perfecting his art, via the various bands that he played with in the bars and nightspots of New Jersey to his signing with Columbia records and his first successful album Born To Run. The story continues into the 80s and reveals how this phenomenal artist captured the masses and had the world firmly at his feet. Features include exclusive interviews with colleagues such as close school friends Richard Blackwell and Joseph Balencko, Steel Mill manager Carl Tinker West and singer Robbin Thompson, E Street band member Vini Lopez, Castilles bass player Frank Marziotti and many others.
  • Martin Atkins: 16 Days in China - Martin Atkins (member of PiL, Pigface, Killing Joke, etc) documents his 2006 trip to Beijing, China, where he recorded the cream of the Beijing music scene crop. Exclusive Studio footage including the recording of the china dub soundsystem album, upcoming chinese artists including Snapline, The Subs, and P.K.14. Also contains music videos, cultural commentary, exclusive music, and more! Bonus Features: Cultural Revolution Poster slideshow, videos for Snapline's'Pornostar' and China Dub Soundsystem's 'Yellow Cab'. Also includes trailers for the Tour:Smart and Look Directly into the Sun DVDs.
  • Total Metal Retardation - On this third installment of the strangest interview style in the history of metal This volume is a diverse assortment of various styles of metal. Enjoy watching CANNIBAL CORPSE, WINTERSUN, HEIDEVOLK, EPICA, TYR, PRIMORDIAL, MOONSPELL, TROLLFEST, MANOWAR, and VARG react to bizarre questions.
  • Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1962-1969 - Brian Wilson Songwriter 1962 - 1969 is a documentary film in which the rich tapestry of music written and produced by this brilliant 20th century composer is investigated and reviewed.
  • Razing the Bar - Loud, messy, and often outrageous, The Funhouse was one of Seattle's landmark punk rock venues. From 2003 to 2012, the venue offered artists a place to experiment with new musical styles and performance ideas, and quickly became a breeding ground for local talent. As a young man, KEXP DJ Brian Foss made the decision that it was better to fail at something that you loved than spend a lifetime doing something that you hated, and he imbued The Funhouse with the same spirit, creating a place where creativity, risk, and fun could flourish both onstage and off. Many members of the venue's offstage community soon found their way both onstage and into the Seattle culture at-large, including the then-nascent burlesque movement and the Rat City Rollergirls. First-time director Ryan Worsley was one of those people in the crowd, and had been documenting the scene for years. By incorporating a wealth of archival footage and memorabilia with dozens of interviews with employees, friends, and a multitude of local musicians, Worsley's Razing the Bar stands as a testament to the creative community that The Funhouse fostered, as well as a warning of what may become lost in Seattle's all-consuming quest for urban density.
  • Shane MacGowan: If I Should Fall From Grace - This unflinching, music-driven documentary provides the first real insight into the background and career of this legendary Irish artist who, as lead singer and songwriter for the Pogues, became a worldwide punk icon. The film includes contemporary interviews with his family, fellow musicians like Nick Cave, his longtime partner Victoria and direct one-on-one sessions with Shane himself. These are interwoven with performance material stretching back to Shane's earliest work, along with fly-on-the-wall footage from both London and Ireland. Includes performances/videos of the songs:"Paddy Public Enemy No.1","If I Should Fall From Grace With God","Infatuation","Gabrielle", and more.
  • NWA & Eazy-E: Kings of Compton - A brand new inside look at one of the most controversial musical acts of all time who pioneered gangsta rap and west coast hip hop featuring the testimony of those who experienced it all.