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The Doors, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards & Richard Thompson Docs Come to Streaming

by VVN Music

The following are music documentaries and concerts added to Netflix and Amazon Prime over the last week:

  • The Doors: When You're Strange - Composed entirely of footage from 1966 to 1971, this documentary pays tribute to the Doors and their music, revealing many new insights into the band.
  • One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film - In this concert film, Indian musical maestro A.R. Rahman performs 15 of his most popular songs and reveals himself through interviews and clips.
  • Nick Drake: Under Review - Nick Drake - Under Review is a 90 minute documentary film which goes some way to unraveling the mystery of this enigmatic singer-songwriter, who passed away at the age of just 26. With the aid of those who were close to Nick, those around at the time and those who have studied and written about Nick Drake in depth, this program discusses, dissects and appraises Nicks life, music and astonishing, albeit short, career. The program also classic Nick Drake performances, location shoots, rare and classic photographs and many other features.
  • Bob Dylan: 1978-1989: Both Ends of the Rainbow - This film reviews the years from late-1978 to the release of 1989's Oh Mercy - an album that was seen by many as a huge return to form. This period of Dylan's life and career is one of the most controversial, fascinating and misunderstood of all. With the aid of rare Dylan footage, live and studio versions of the most pivotal songs, exclusive interviews with his closest allies from that time, contributions from Dylan experts, biographers and other commentators and many other features, this film provides the most detailed document of the 1980s according to Bob Dylan, ever made. 
  • Keith Richards: Under Review - He's the baddest of them all, the man with at least nine lives and the most Rock N Roll performer since the dawn of time and we love him for all of it. This DVD features a 2 hour documentary film which details the life and career of the one man who made it all seem possible. It includes rare and classic musical performances re-assessed by a panel of esteemed experts, exclusive interviews, obscure footage and seldom seen photographs. Also included is footage of and comment on Keiths pivotal influence, live and studio recordings of classics such as Satisfaction, Jumping Jack Flash, Brown Sugar, Tumbling Dice, Start Me Up and many others, plus bonus features.
  • The Musical Brain - Through the journey of recording artist Sting, we learn how the brain uses music to shape the human experience. As Sting undergoes brain scans to learn how music is manifested in his brain, the film explores how music shapes each stage of our lives. Also featuring Michael Bublé, Feist, Wyclef Jean, and brain scientist/musician Dr. Daniel Levitin.
  • Nathan Best: Center of My Life Music Videos - Grammy-award winning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Best (O Brother, Where Art Thou'; The O'Jays) presents the music videos from his first solo contemporary gospel album, Center Of My Life.
  • Richard Thompson Band: Live at Rockpalast, December 10, 1983 - It is to be heard how well the musicians know each other and how they have been harmonizing for years. They are building an integrated whole with Richard Thompson. They carry the music of their "boss" and give him the lightness and the leeway to fully unfold his potential. An absolute must for every Thompson fan.
  • Richard Thompson Band: Live at Rockpalast, January 26, 1984 - The show, recorded by German TV and radio station WDR, was an incredible demonstration of Thompson's musicianship and shows a band in total harmony within itself delivering to its fullest.