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Watch: The New Version of "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison With His Sons and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

by VVN Music

On November 3, the latest album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra reimagining the music of an iconic rocker is being released with Roy Orbison's A Love So Beautiful.

After three very successful releases with Elvis Presley and a set with Aretha Franklin, coming out a week later on November 10, the orchestra has fully returned to the pop music charts which they previously invaded in 1981 with their Hooked on Classics albums.

For the Orbison set, Roy's sons Alex, Wesley and Roy, Jr. worked with the Philharmonic and Sony Legacy to rework some of the best music in the Orbison catalog with orchestral arrangements and new accompaniment. The first single, "I Drove All Night", was released in late-September.

Here are Orbison's sons and his grandson, Roy III, with the Royal Philharmonic on "Oh, Pretty Woman".