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Veruca Salt's Louise Post One of 38 Women Accusing Director James Toback of Sexual Abuse

Nina Gordon and Louise Post of Veruca Salt (1997)
by VVN Music

It looks like it is open hunting season (as it should be) on the abusive men of the entertainment business.

With the recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein and his many unwarranted sexual advances on women, a number of other directors, actors and other members of the Hollywood community are being outed as the scum that they have hidden away with fear and collusion for many years.

The latest is James Toback, the director of such films as The Pick-Up Artist and Two Guys and a Girl. The Los Angeles Times has published an expose where they spoke to 38 women about sexual advances Toback has made over the years. 

From a music standpoint, one of the victims of note is Louise Post, founder, guitarist and singer for Veruca Salt.

Post joined in on the #metoo back on October 16 when she posted "Us too: by bosses, boyfriends, male babysitters, taxi drivers, strangers and movie director/pig #jamestoback #metoo".

Louise was interviewed by the L.A. Times for their article where she told them she first met Toback in 1987 while attending Barnard College. "He told me he’d love nothing more than to masturbate while looking into my eyes. Going to his apartment has been the source of shame for the past 30 years, that I allowed myself to be so gullible."

She added "Today, I cried for the first time since then about it,” Post said. “I was crying for the 20-year-old woman who lost something vital that day - her innocence."

Toback, now 72, has denied the charges of all of the women.