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Tori Amos Issues Statement on Regret in Participating in Shoot With Photographer

by VVN Music

The entertainment world continues to be rocked by allegations of sexual abuse and mistreatment by a number of high profile creative people and executives.

Tori Amos, a victim of rape and a major spokesperson for victim's rights has been involved in RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) since 1994.  Recently, she took part in a photo shoot for V Magazine with well known photographer Terry Richardson.

Since that shoot and in the wake of the many reports of sexual abuse, people have come forward over their treatment over the years by Richardson causing Conde Nast International to stop using him for shoots for any of their publications (the American offices of Conde Nast had cut ties with him a number of years ago).

On Thursday (October 26), Amos issued a statement via social media addressing her recent work with Richardson and her regret in doing so after finding out about his reputation:

For the upcoming edition of V Magazine, I along with others took part in a photo shoot for their Cult Icons portfolio.

The magazine had commissioned the photographer Terry Richardson to take these shots.

At the time, I was not aware of the various accusations made against Richardson, had I been I would never have taken part. I am disgusted by the nature of the allegations and can only stand strong with the women who were subjected to this abuse over the years.

As the first spokesperson and longtime supporter of RAINN, the Rape Abuse And Incest National Network, I can only hope that we all continue to speak out and break the silence about these kinds of abuses and stand strong together against these predators and those who support them.

Tori Amos

RAINN 1 800 656 HOPE

Last month, Amos issued her fifteenth studio album, Native Invader. Her current U.S. tour runs through early-December.