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The Pretenders Cut Show to One Song After Chrissie Hynde Got Mad at the Audience

by VVN Music

Pretenders fans in Dubai got a rather abbreviated show on Thursday (October 26) night when lead singer Chrissie Hynde took exception to concertgoers filming their show.

This isn't the first run-in between Hynde and fans over cellphones.  The band recently completed a tour of the U.K. with Hynde posting in social media:

Hi Friends and foes alike!

The UK tour was fab. We loved it. We met some great people and saw some beautiful places.

I do want to apologise for being a bit of a bitch when it came to camera phones and just being myself in general. As you probably know by now, when i’m not on the stage, i like to retain a very ordinary profile and get embarrassed by uninvited attentions. So if I told anyone to ‘get lost’ - it’s just me being the citizen God intended me to be. I know sometimes I’m not the celebrity you want, but believe me, I suffer for it later that night and wish i could have been a nicer person. But I wasn’t, I’m not, and probably not going to change any time soon. .

As far as all the cities we didn’t play - we intend to come back and finish the job next year.

Thanks again and see you then!


Dubai, though, was a bit different with the band taking the stage at the Irish Village's Live on the Lake after a general announcement had been made asking patrons to not use cellphones.  The band launching into their first hit, Brass in Pocket, only to have Hynde start going off on people from the stage.

According to various reports, Hynde called the crowd a bunch of "c**ts" and said "stop using your fucking phones. Stick 'em up your ass". She followed by saying that she "ain't Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, so if you wanna use your fucking phones, go see them. We are a rock band."

Hynde stormed off the stage, never to return.

So far, no comment from the Hynde or the band.


Unknown said…
It has been known for some time that Ms.Hynde is a beligerant individual, who is very uncomfortable with being a celebrity. There was one incident (on an airplane) where Ms.Hynde was hostile towards a passenger (who had no idea who she was). The passenger said "What do you do?", and Ms. Hynde replied "I collect alimony from my ex-husband".
If being famous is so uncomfortable for Ms.Hynde, she should leave the entertainment industry. It is possible for a formerly famous person to disappear into total obscurity to live a "normal" life. Some examples of this include original Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans and country singer Bobbie Gentry. Both Evans & Gentry are still alive, but nobody knows where.
As a songwriter and recording artist Chrissie Hynde's artistic and commercial heyday have passed. Hynde is one of those musicians that I would never want to encounter in person, though I have the 14-CD/8-DVD set of her Warner Bros. & Sire Records recordings. I like her music, but she seems like a vile and miserable person. No one is forcing here to work in the music industry.