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Stryper Brings in Perry Richardson of Firehouse as Replacement For Bassist Tim Gaines

by VVN Music

It took a bit of time, but Stryper has finally settled on a replacement for fired bassist Tim Gaines.

Gaines had been with the band, on and off, since almost the beginning in 1983 but was the cause of a temporary hiatus for the group starting in September of last year (2016). Earlier this year, it was announced that Gaines had been let go.

Today (October 30), Stryper announced that Perry Richardson would be taking over bass duties.  Richardson was formerly a member of Firehouse from their formation in 1989 until 2000. In more recent times, he has played with country stars Craig Morgan and Trace Adkins.

Stryper's Michael Sweet said "Perry is a perfect fit within our band. He's an amazing singer, an excellent bass player and just a great human being. The moment we first rehearsed with Perry, we knew that it was right. We sang harmonies, and the vocals sounded awesome. He shared stories of how Stryper was one of his favorite bands and that he's always respected us. It meant a lot to hear him say that. He has brought a kind and humble spirit to the band. He is a professional and an absolute gentleman. His resume is quite extensive and as impressive as it gets. We're honored to have him on our team and we're extremely excited about the future!"

Richardson said "The first time I met the guys in Stryper was in 1985, when my first band, Maxx Warrior opened for them in Charlotte, North Carolina. From that first meeting, they have always been one of my favorite bands and a huge influence on me personally and musically. To have the honor of becoming a member of Stryper today is an indescribable experience for me. I am so overwhelmed, I can't put it into words. To be asked to be a member of one of my favorite all-time bands is one of the greatest honors of my career. I'm so looking forward to being a part of this next chapter in Stryper's legacy. I'm ready to rock the world with my new brothers!"

Stryper's last album was 2015's Fallen.