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Set List: Glenn Hughes Plays Deep Purple in Australia

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

While former Deep Purple bass player Glenn Hughes is touring Australia with his Classic Deep Purple Live show for the very first time, Purple fans are being treated to some rare tracks.

The Hughes setlist revolves around his three albums with the band, Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band. Two songs ‘This Time Around’ and ‘Sail Away’ from Come Taste The Band were rarely played by Deep Purple. ‘Holy Man’, from Stormbringer, was never performed live by Deep Purple.

For Glenn Hughes, this is his first time performing a complete set of Deep Purple songs since leaving the band in 1976.

Glenn Hughes Classic Deep Purple Live set list:
  • Stormbringer (from Stormbringer, 1974)
  • Might Just Take Your Life (from Burn, 1974)
  • Sail Away (from Burn, 1974)
  • Mistreated (from Burn, 1974)
  • You Fool No One (from Burn, 1974)
  • This Time Around (from Come Taste The Band, 1975)
  • Holy Man (from Stormbringer, 1974)
  • Gettin’ Tighter (from Come Taste The Band, 1975)
  • You Keep on Moving (from Come Taste The Band, 1975)
  • Smoke on the Water (from Machine Head, 1972)
  • Highway Star (from Machine Head, 1972)
  • Burn (from Burn, 1974)
Glenn Hughes will perform his final Classic Deep Purple Live for Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday.