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Saxon is Releasing the Deluxe Anthology "Decade of the Eagle"

Artist: Saxon
Title: Decade of the Eagle
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Label: BMG
  • 2-CDs
  • CD
  • 1-Disc Vinyl
  • 4-Disc Vinyl (limited edition)
  • Digital
BMG has announced the release of Saxon: Decade of the Eagle - a deluxe anthology featuring 34 tracks, that looks back at the years that built the Saxon legend.

Additionally, a 1 CD and 1 LP version will be made available for North America, tracklist is below.

BMG in North America will release the 1 CD, 1 LP versions and and then a limited number of the 4 LP editions on Friday, December 1st, 2017.

Decade of the Eagle is a retrospective that spans the band’s first nine albums and represents the very best of the first decade of their astonishing career during which time they notched up five Top 40 albums and four Top 20 singles. These 4-LP and 2-CD deluxe editions feature new liner notes by frontman Biff Byford that document the decade and which are accompanied by rarely seen and classic photos from the era.

Biff says: “These are the albums from a time in the eighties that moved a generation of rock fans around the world, when British rock was once again at the forefront. Great times - never to be forgotten and still reverberating to this day.”

Saxon played a significant part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, perhaps the greatest metal genre of them all and have become one of the all-time masters of heavy metal. In doing so, Saxon have ensured they are now representative of the heart and soul from the NWOBHM time. Always remaining true to the values which established them in the first place they are driven by a desire to continuously set the highest standards and meet them head on, Saxon's work on those nine studio albums still resonates resoundingly - this is timeless stuff.

Saxon’s music that will continue to inspire Metalheads for generations to come, as it has influenced so many until now. In those immortal words, fill your heads with... HEAVY METAL THUNDER!

Track List:

2-CD / 4-Vinyl LPs

  • Stallions Of The Highway
  • Big Teaser
  • Backs To The Wall
  • Militia Guard
  • Wheels Of Steel
  • 747 (Strangers In The Night)
  • Suzie Hold On
  • Motorcycle Man (live)
  • Strong Arm Of The Law
  • Heavy Metal Thunder
  • 20,000ft (live)
  • Dallas 1PM
  • And The Bands Played On
  • Never Surrender
  • Denim And Leather
  • Fire In the Sky (live)
  • Princess Of The Night
  • Power & The Glory 
  • This Town Rocks
  • The Eagle Has Landed
  • Midas Touch
  • Sailing To America
  • Crusader
  • Devil Rides Out
  • Back On The Streets
  • Rockin' Again
  • Rock N' Roll Gypsy
  • Broken Heroes
  • Waiting For The Night
  • Rock The Nations
  • Northern Lady
  • Battle Cry
  • Ride Like The Wind
  • Red Alert
1-CD / 1-Vinyl LP
  • Backs To The Wall 
  • Wheels Of Steel 
  • 747 (Strangers In The Night) 
  • Strong Arm Of The Law 
  • Denim And Leather 
  • Power And The Glory 
  • Sailing To America 
  • Rock N’Roll Gypsy 
  • Waiting For The Night 
  • Ride Like The Wind