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New Biography of AC/DC's Bon Scott Disputed by Those Who Knew Him

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

The Jesse Fink book Bon: The Last Highway has been shot down in flames by friends of Bon Scott as it is being released.

In the book Fink claims that Bon Scott died of a heroin overdose although the death certificate clearly states Bon died of ‘acute alcoholic poisoning’. In 1980, Bon Scott was hardly a big enough celebrity to warrant a cover-up. He was no JFK.

In an interview on 3AW Breakfast this morning Fink said, “From the moment his body was discovered to when the inquest was done, it was all done within 72 hours. There was not much of a police investigation. Had there been a decent police investigation they would have spoken to the witnesses that I spoke to. They would have saw was Bon looking stoned on what was believed to be heroin”. All of that is unsubstantiated.

Fink also claims in his book that Bon wanted to leave AC/DC. Friends of Bon tell Noise11 that that is rubbish. Bon was with friends in Australia three weeks before he died and told them that the band was preparing their next album and that if it didn’t work that might be the end of the band, but we are told that there was no suggestion Bon was ever planning on leaving on his own accord.

Fink says Bon was not close to the Young brothers (Angus and Malcolm). 3AW’s Ross Stevenson, a qualified lawyer, even found that claim unbelievable saying that he heard Angus interview once. “When they started discussing Bon Scott he teared up and started crying,” Ross said.

Some of what is in the book is true. Our sources confirm that Bon had written lyrics that ended up on Back In Black although he is not credited on the album. Back In Black was released on July 25, 1980, just five months after Bon’s death. Brian Johnson’s position in AC/DC was revealed on April 1, 1980, three and a half months before the release of Back In Black. The album was recorded in the Bahamas over a seven week period from mid-April to May 1980. It is one of the biggest selling albums of all-time.