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Listen: A Flock of Seagulls and Poet Jimmy D. Robinson Collaborate on "Pedro"

Let the world feast their senses on the sultriness and temperature of “Pedro,” the new dance single from the collaboration between Grammy-winning band A Flock of Seagulls and American poet Jimmy D Robinson.

“Pedro,” inspired by the beautiful people of Puerto Rico, is an original poem-turned-song written by Robinson with music by Mike Score of A Flock of Seagulls, and international producer Josh Harris. The original “Pedro” single emotes a fusion of chill, deep house, and reggae sounds. In the name of the devastated island of Puerto Rico and its struggling people, Robinson and team have put together a compelling set of “Pedro” dance mixes featuring Dave Audé, Nacho Chapado, Mauro Mozart, Radiopunks, Edson Pride & Leandro Moraes, Roger Grey, and Timmy Loop.

“I am beyond excited to be going live with a ‘Pedro’ dance remix package internationally,” states Jimmy D Robinson, poet and one of the top American art dealers. “However, I am destroyed that more has not been done to help the people of Puerto Rico recover. The disastrous hurricane was apocalyptic, and we must continue to keep our focus on helping Puerto Rico’s recovery. I hope our single ‘Pedro’ will keep Puerto Rico on the minds of listeners and motivate everyone to do what they can to help in the catastrophe’s aftermath by donating to The Ricky Martin Foundation for Puerto Rico.”

Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory still has 3.4 million residents needing immediate assistance recovering from Hurricane Maria. Please do what you can to help. Click here to learn how you can help Puerto Rico recover from the devastation.

The brand-new “Pedro” dance remix package has been racking up incredible reviews among tastemakers and influential DJs, as it is heating up the Billboard club play chart with fiery excitement. The beats are infectious and continuous, leading the way to club dancing with sexy gyrations and bravura. In its first week out, independent record promoter Loren Chaidez has reported that “Pedro” has already received pickup by 12 Billboard reporting DJs from the biggest clubs around the U.S.

Inspired by a dreamy Puerto Rican seduction, "Pedro” will escort the listener to the faraway tropical region of their mind. “Pedro” is a journey to a provocative awakening, characteristically found while being wrapped in the arms of a Puerto Rican soul mate. Robinson and Seagulls’ “Pedro” will lead hearts and souls to a wonderful bliss. "Pedro" marks the 35th Anniversary of A Flock of Seagulls and is the third single from the forthcoming Seagulls-Robinson album titled, “Living in Time,” due out in Spring 2018.

“I didn’t exactly know what it was that compelled me to choose the ‘Pedro’ poem of Jimmy’s to work on. Josh had sent me this fantastic track that reminded me of a tropical locale. It just connected perfectly. When Jimmy and I got into the studio to record with Josh, we all knew it was beyond magical. It’s clear now why we did this track. The people of Puerto Rico are still living in complete devastation. We humbly dedicate ‘Pedro’ to the people of Puerto Rico who are fighting to survive and rebuild their home. May God bless and help them now.”