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Jerry Yester Fired from the Lovin' Spoonful

Photo: Boone County Sheriff's Office
by VVN Music

The Lovin' Spoonful are down to just two original members as Jerry Yester has been fired.

Yester was arrested last Thursday (October 5) on thirty counts of possession of child pornography.

The band, which still includes Joe Butler and Steve Boone who were members since the early days, have postponed all concerts through October 27 and have issued a statement saying:

We are as numbed and shocked as the public is about these serious charges that have been brought against guitarist Jerry Yester, whom has been replaced and is no longer a member of our group. We have a longstanding relationship with Buddy Lee Attractions and we will continue to share our music on the road. We do not want to disappoint our loyal fans. Out of the respect for those affected by these circumstances, we are canceling a couple of performances and will resume our tour on Oct. 27.

The situation may also be affecting later shows, too, including a November 17 date at the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City; however, it isn't clear who made the decision. A statement from the theater's management makes it appear that they pulled the plug, saying that it had been done "in light of recent allegations concerning band member Jerry Yester."

Yester was not an founding member of the band but joined in 1967 after Zal Yanovsky left the band. He played on their last top 40 hit, "She Is Still a Mystery". He had also, earlier, played on "Do You Believe in Magic?" as a studio musician.