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Bruce Springsteen Has a Solo Album Ready to Go

by VVN Music

It's going to be a busy fall and winter for Bruce Springsteen. Last night, he began previews for his eighteen-week (so far) run at Broadway's Walter Kerr Theatre with a solo show that ties in with his autobiography Born to Run.

Variety has published a lengthy interview with the legend where he reveals that his next album, number 19 in his four decade career, will be a solo effort and is in the can.

According to Springsteen, the sound is influenced by "Southern California pop music of the 70's" but, when questioned if that meant the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, he took things in a totally different direction:

No — Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb, Burt Bacharach, those kinds of records. I don’t know if people will hear those influences, but that was what I had in my mind. It gave me something to hook an album around; it gave me some inspiration to write. And also, it’s a singer-songwriter record. It’s connected to my solo records writing-wise, more “Tunnel of Love” and “Devils and Dust,” but it’s not like them at all. Just different characters living their lives.

Bruce also said that the majority of the music was written before the 2012 album Wrecking Ball which was with the E-Street Band. He stopped the solo project to make that full band record and has now returned to finish things.

The full article, touching on his Broadway show, the new album, New Jersey and many other subjects can be seen at the Variety site.