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Beck Plays Surprise London Show With a Throwback Set & Only Two From "Colors"

by VVN Music

Beck surprised his fans in London on Sunday morning by announcing a show that night at the new venue Omera.

With his new album, Colors, coming this Friday, it would be expected that he would have played a number of tracks from the set but, instead, filled his twenty song set with music from ten different albums including just two Colors song. Four of the first five songs in the set came from his Grammy winning Album of the Year Morning Phase and, later, played four from 2005's Guero and three from 1996's Odelay.

The reason for the set having a feel of looking back instead of forward, Beck reflected "I’m feeling a bit sentimental. Maybe it’s that time of year. Maybe it’s because I got to see Tom Petty play his last show last week. It puts all of these moments in perspective so I really appreciate being here. It’s all a fleeting thing."

The set list.

Main Set
  • Blackbird Chain (from Morning Phase, 2014)
  • Blue Moon (from Morning Phase, 2014)
  • Lost Cause (from Sea Change, 2002)
  • Say Goodbye (from Morning Phase, 2014)
  • Heart Is a Drum (from Morning Phase, 2014)
  • Devils Haircut (from Odelay, 1996)
  • Nausea (from The Information, 2006)
  • Go It Alone (from Guero, 2005)
  • Black Tambourine (from Guero, 2005)
  • Think I’m in Love (from The Information, 2006)
  • The New Pollution (from Odelay, 1996)
  • Mixed Bizness (from Midnite Vultures, 1999)
  • Qué Onda Güero (from Guero, 2005)
  • Soul of a Man (from Modern Guilt, 2008)
  • Paper Tiger (from Sea Change, 2002)
  • Dreams (from Colors, 2017)
  • Up All Night (from Colors, 2017)
  • E-Pro (from Guero, 2005)
  • Loser (from Mellow Gold, 1994)
  • Where It’s At (from Odelay, 1996)