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Australians Denied Access to Little River Band's Website

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

The current owners of the Little River Band brand have blocked people in Australia have visiting the band’s official website.

Australians attempting to go to are being greeted with an Access Denied header and the statement:

Block reason: Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator.

The block is the latest insult to fans following years of the ongoing animosity between the non-original current members and the founders of the band.

The Little River Band of today is a covers band of the original although they legally own the name. The two decade long feud escalated when the non-band took legal action against the founding members to stop them performing under the LRB name.

The most recent flare up occurred in 2015 when the current line-up where booked by the Jimmy Fallon Show to perform for their “40th anniversary”. When Fallon discovered there were no original members in the band, and therefore no real 40th anniversary, they were dumped from the show.

The latest slur on Australia is the geo-blocking of the entire country from even looking at their site. The site claims LRB has sold over 30 million albums but this line-up would be lucky to have sold 1/30 of that.

The current LRB bio also suggests the hits “Reminiscing,” “Cool Change,” “Lonesome Loser,” “The Night Owls,” “Take It Easy On Me,” “Help Is on Its Way,” “Happy Anniversary,” “We Two,” “Man On Your Mind,” “The Other Guy,” and “It’s A Long Way There” are theirs.

‘Reminiscing’, the band’s biggest hit and written by outcast member Graeham Goble, is also name-checked in the current band’s achievements on the website.

Today Little River Band is:
  • Wayne Nelson: Lead Vocals/Bass (joined 1980)
  • Greg Hind: Guitar/Vocals (joined 2000)
  • Chris Marion: Keyboards/Vocals (joined 2004)
  • Rich Herring: Guitar/Vocals (joined 2006)
  • Ryan Ricks: Drums/Percussion/Vocals (joined 2012)


---Dan said…
Reminds me of the story of George Washington's hatchet.

A man walked into an antique shop and saw a small hatchet with the sign, "GEORGE WASHINGTON'S HATCHET". He asked the proprietor if it really was George Washington's hatchet.

"It sure is," said the proprietor. "It's had three new handles and four new heads since George owned it, but it's the exact same hatchet."