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Tony Orlando Severs Part of a Finger in Garage Door Accident

by VVN Music

Tony Orlando was temporarily tying his yellow ribbons with only nine fingers.

The singer recently took off the tip of his left middle finger in an accident with a garage door.  According to TMZ, Tony's son, Jon, reported that Tony kept strong, found the fingertip and drove himself to the hospital where everything was put back together.

For those who are strong of stomach, there are even pictures circling around the Internet of the severed fingertip and his injured finger because, presumably, everything belongs on social media.

Orlando, 73, continues to be a big draw on the casino and touring circuit.  He started his career in the early-60's with Halfway to Paradise (1961 / #39) and Bless You (1961 / #15), and really hit it big in the 70's with such hits as Candida (1970 / #3), Knock Three Times (1971 / #1) and Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree (1973 / #1) with Dawn.


Anonymous said…
He'll have a hard time tying yellow ribbons....