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This Week's New Music Documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime

by VVN Music

The following are music documentaries and concerts added to Netflix and Yahoo Prime over the last week:


  • Who the F**k Is That Guy? - Take a ride through the life of record exec Michael Alago, a gay Puerto Rican New Yorker who signed a slew of musical acts, including Metallica.
Amazon Prime
  • Method Man: Live From the Sunset Strip - The first ever live HD DVD from the infamous Wu-Tang emcee!
  • Music From the Big House - In MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE, Rita Chiarelli, Canada's Queen of the Blues, takes a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Blues: Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary, a.k.a Angola Prison - formerly the bloodiest prison in America. Rita's trip turns into an unprecedented historic jailhouse performance, playing with - rather than for - musician inmates serving life sentences. Their shared bond of music, and Chiarelli's ebullient personality, draw striking revelations from the inmates. Rather than sensational stories of convicts, we witness remarkable voices of hope as their love of music radiates humanity and redemption on their quest for forgiveness.
  • The Heart is a Drum Machine - This fascinating documentary polls a wide variety of the most relevant actors, artists, musicians, comedians, and more, each exploring humanity's endless love for music. Among the panelists who offer their perspectives and experiences in the film are John Frusciante, Jason Schwartzman, Ann Druyan, Maynard James Keenan, Elijah Wood, and many more.
  • Breaking Los Angeles - A candid, provocative look at the challenges and dilemmas musicians confront when trying to break into the famed LA recording industry where creative brilliance is tested by an industry consumed by raw capitalism and rampant file-sharing.
  • The Martin & Lewis Story: The Last Great Comedy Team - Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis were the hottest act in America in the 1950's& the highest paid comedy team in show business. They starred in nightclubs, radio, television& movies. Martin& Lewis were a unique team. Both were talented entertainers& good friends on& off stage. Thru rare TV appearances, film clips, movie highlights& newsreels, follow their career from the beginning to their break-up.
  • This Ain't No Mouse Music - Roots music icon Chris Strachwitz is a detective of deep American music - music that's the antithesis of the corporate"mouse music" dominating pop culture. Since 1960, he has been the guiding force behind legendary Arhoolie Records, bringing Cajun music out of Louisiana, Tex-Mex out of Texas, blues out of the country - and into the living rooms of Middle America. American music has never been the same. Born a German count, Strachwitz fled his homeland after WWII at 16. In the US, he discovered, and shared, a musical landscape that most Americans missed. He takes us on a hip-shaking stomp from Texas to New Orleans, Cajun country to Appalachia, as he continues his passionate quest for the musical soul of America.