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Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews & Pharrell All Take Knee at Charlottesville Concert; Ted Nugent Responds

by VVN Music

It was an interesting weekend in the world of news and sports as the American media and people focused on the protests during sports and other events and not on North Korea, health care, jobs and other issues.

Over two hundred NFL players went to their knees or simply didn't take the field during the playing of the National Anthem, causing an outcry from numerous sources.  President Trump told an Alabama crowd on Saturday, in advance of the NFL games, that those who disrespect the flag should be fired from their teams and went on to call them "son of a bitch".

While some institutions agreed with Trump, such as the management of NASCAR, others felt that his comments were divisive and inappropriate including a trio of musicians at Sunday's benefit concert for Charlottesville.

Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews and Pharrell Williams all dropped to one knee in opposition to President Trump's comments. Wonder, who had done the same on Saturday at the Global Citizen Fest in New York's Central Park, and Matthews, who helped organize the event, did it together at the beginning of Wonder's set.  Pharrell did it separately during his own show.

Of course, none of this sat well with rocker and right wing pundit Ted Nugent who shared a passage written by a Stanislaus Drew on his Facebook page:

He also made a promise to NFL leaders: