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Steven Tyler's Daughter Says He is On the Mend, Singer Issues Statement

by VVN Music

Yesterday (September 27), it was announced that Aerosmith would be cancelling the rest of their South American tour after lead singer Steven Tyler was flown home to the U.S. for medical treatment.

We still don't know what is ailing the 69-year-old singer but his daughter, Mia, says that he is getting better.

Thanks for all the love and concern. Pops is doing well and should be back to jibber jabbin flippidy flappin real soon. If the 70's didn't do him in, nothing can.

Reps for the band have also said that " With proper rest and treatment he will be back on his feet soon rocking the world."

Tyler published his own statement earlier Thursday (September 28):

"To everybody in South America....Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico... I'm very sorry and feel like I've let you down... I won't be able to continue the last four shows of this tour. I flew back to the US on doctor's orders last night after the show in São Paulo. Please not to worry... I am not in a life threatening condition, but I need to deal with this right away, and get some rest and medical care immediately in order to sustain and maintain my future performances... I promise I'll be back...unfortunately, health does not wait and it's something even I can't schedule around our shows... As they say, "We humans make plans, and God laughs..." I love you all and will be back with you soon... -Steven Tyler

The rest of the band also took some time to visit with fans in Brazil before boarding a plane back to the U.S.