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1,500 Juggalos March on Washington Mall, Dwarfing Pro-Trump Rally

by VVN Music

The long planned Juggalo march on Washington was a huge success, at least if you compare it to the size of the crowd at a rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Over 1,500 followers of Insane Clown Posse descended on the capitol to protest the 2011 justice department ruling that Juggalos should be classified as a gang, putting them in the same category as some of the most violent groups in the U.S.

In comparison, a major pro-Trump rally, held while the president was out-of-town, and a competing anti-Trump march, couldn't live up to the Juggalo numbers.

The Juggalo protest was without incident, unless you want to consider one of the gathering shouting "Show us your butthole!" at the Lincoln Memorial some sort of subversive activity, showing the world that the group is not a "violent gang".

Violent J said "It’s time for the FBI to come to its senses and recognize that Juggalos are not a gang but a worldwide family united by the love of music. There has never been—and will never be—a music fan base quite like Juggalos, and while it is easy to fear what one does not understand, discrimination and bigotry against any group of people is just plain wrong and un-American."