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Bucks Fizz Releasing First Album Since 1986 as The Fizz

by VVN Music

They never were able to break in the United States but, from 1981 to 1986, the pop band Bucks Fizz were all the rage in England, scoring eleven top twenty hits and three number 1's.

The group came out of an effort to get the song Making Your Mind Up by Andy Hill and John Danter into the Eurovision Song Contest. Recording a demo of the song with Hill, Nichola Martin and Mike Nolan on vocals, they needed to put an artist name on the label and chose Bucks Fizz. They went on to win the qualifying round and, on April 4, 1981, took the Eurovision title.

The song shot to number 1 in Britain and across much of the rest of Europe, leading to the release of further singles and albums.  While the next three releases failed to make the top ten, they hit number 1 again with the Andy Hill / Pete Sinfield song The Land of Make Believe and followed with another chart topper, My Camera Never Lies.

While the group has existed in various forms over the years, their last studio album was 1986's The Writing on the Wall but, on September 22, they will release The F-Z of Pop under their new name The Fizz.

The name change was made necessary when original member Bobby G sued and won the right to the Bucks Fizz name.

The lineup for The Fizz is Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan who both became members in 2004, Jay Aston, who joined in 2009, and Bobby McVay who has been involved since 2015.

Here is the first single from the new album: