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Brian Johnson Flips Vintage Austin A35 During Race

by VVN Music

Talk about living life to the utmost.

Former AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson was forced to retire from the band when his hearing was deemed to be heading towards full deafness.

Even though there has been talk of new devices that will allow Johnson to return to the stage, none of his problems have kept him from one of his other great loves, cars and auto racing.

Last weekend, Johnson was participating in the Silverstone Classic in England, running a qualifying lap in a vintage Austin A35, when he flipped the car.  The driver's door flew open as the car spun and the windshield was smashed out but, in the end, Johnson was unharmed (well, except maybe his racing ego).

Johnson was forced out of the celebrity race.

Ironically, Brian now claims that it was not the loud rock and roll that wreaked havoc with his hearing.  He blames it on his car racing hobby, saying that he wouldn't put on earplugs while on the track and, one time, blew out an eardrum with the noise.