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Watch: Mike Love, Mark McGrath and John Stamos Remake the Beach Boys' "Do It Again"

by VVN Music

Mike Love is the official owner of the Beach Boys' name, so it's a bit odd that he has released a video remake of the group's 1968 hit Do It Again, but he sure got the sound and feel correct.

Love recorded the song with Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray and actor and part-time Beach Boys drummer John Stamos prior to the group's appearance at the U.S. Capital on the Fourth of July.

On Wednesday (July 18), a video with the three principals, which was shot at their hotel prior to their show on the Fourth, was also directed by Stamos and shot by cameraman Alex Fauver.

Love said of the new version "Do It Again has been a staple of our live shows since 1969. It evokes memories of past summers while looking forward to new beginnings. I think we capture that feeling in this recording with the multi-talented Mark McGrath, and our honorary Beach Boy, John Stamos."


Rock Singer said…
Just horrible ~ Come on Mike don't you know with no Wilson's in the band you have no Beach Boys ~ Just the Mike Love side circusshow with your 2 hacks ~
Johnnie51 said…
Fantastic redo makes it really feel like cSummer!