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Spandau Ballet Will Go On According to Steve Norman

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Spandau Ballet will continue despite lead singer Tony Hadley’s sudden statement that he was leaving the band this week.

Spandau Ballet co-founder Steve Norman says Hadley’s announcement this week came as a surprise, not because they didn’t expect it but, because Tony said he wanted out last year.

What was even more surprising to the rest of the band was that Hadley suggested they wanted him out.

Steve Norman released this statement at his website Saturday (July 8):

Hi guys,

I’d like to say a word or two regarding Tony’s departure from the band.

In September 2016 Tony made it very clear to the rest of Spandau Ballet that he didn’t want to work with us anymore. That’s all fair enough, of course. But what I do find utterly confusing is the implication from him that his decision to leave Spandau Ballet was somehow “out of his control”.

Well, let me put the record straight here. We all got on splendidly during the tour of 2015, and his decision to leave was entirely his alone. He certainly wasn’t pushed out.

As sad as this has been for the rest of the band and for you, our fans, we have had to accept it and move on. Life is short, as people keep reminding me.

I, along with Martin, John and Gary are far from finished with Spandau, we are united in our friendship and love for the band and it is our desire to continue, as it always has been, whoever’s singing the songs.

See you there.

Lotsa love,

Steve x

Tony Hadley announced this departure from Spandau Ballet this week. A replacement for Hadley is yet to be announced.