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Shirley Manson Breaks Down During Show Over U.S. Military Transgender Ban

by Newsdesk

Garbage singer Shirley Manson broke down in tears during a gig in Canada on Wednesday night (July 26) as she addressed U.S. leader Donald Trump's new military ban for transgenders.

The Scottish singer was performing in Toronto when her emotions got the better of her and she was forced to restart the song Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) after tearing up.

She introduced the tune by saying, "This goes out to everyone in the military who is transgender, who put their lives on the line for all us."

Stopping the track and admitting, "Hell, I have no idea where I am...," Shirley told fans, "I felt passion overtake me and I suddenly realised that this is a song that we wrote a long, long time ago, long before gender fluidity and transgender, any of it was on all of our lips.

"I’m all welled up because it breaks my heart that in this day and age, things have gotten so bad that people who want to put their lives on the line for the American public are being treated with such disrespect."

As fans cheered, Manson added, "Please forgive the f**k-up. That was all me. My band were perfect as always. We shall begin again. Every day is a new day."

The song was originally inspired by author Laura Albert's book Sarah - about a gender-fluid teen prostitute named Cherry Vanilla.

Ironically, Kristen Stewart is currently in Canada shooting a film about JT LeRoy, the writer's pseudonym.

Manson isn't the only pop star who has spoken out about Trump's latest decision to keep transgender people out of the U.S. military. She attacked the President on Wednesday in an online post, accusing him of endangering the lives of "people all over the United States and overseas bravely serving our nation".