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Set List: Don Henley's 70th Birthday Concert With Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, Patty Smyth & Timothy B. Schmit

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Don Henley was working this weekend as he turned 70. Henley performed his 70th birthday concert in his hometown Dallas and he had lots of special guests.

Stevie Nicks recreated their Leather and Lace, Patty Smyth resurrected their 1992 hit Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough, Timothy B. Schmit put the original voice into I Can’t Tell You Why and Joe Walsh was there to be … well … Joe Walsh and play Rocky Mountain Way.

Walsh will turn 70 this November 20. Timothy B. Schmit will be 70 three weeks before Joe. The late Glenn Frey was a year and a bit younger than Henley. Of the original band Bernie Leadon turned 70 a few days earlier on July 19. Randy Meisner was the oldest. He is now 71. Don Felder, who joined in 1974 for the third album ‘On The Border’, will be 70 in September 2018.

Don Henley setlist, Dallas, July 22, 2017
  • Seven Bridges Road (from Eagles, Eagles Live, 1980)
  • Dirty Laundry (from I Can’t Stand Still, 1982)
  • Sunset Grill (from Building The Perfect Beast, 1984)
  • That Old Flame (from Cass Country, 2015)
  • Witchy Woman (from Eagles, Eagles, 1972)
  • I Can’t Tell You Why (from Eagles, The Long Run, 1979)
  • When I Stop Dreaming (from Cass Country, 2015)
  • One of These Nights (from Eagles, One Of These Nights, 1974)
  • Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough (with Patty Smyth) (from Patty Smyth, 1992)
  • The End of the Innocence (from The End of the Innocence, 1989)
  • The Last Resort (from Eagles, Hotel California, 1976)
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears cover)
  • Leather and Lace (with Stevie Nicks) (from Stevie Nicks, Bella Donna, 1981)
  • The Boys of Summer (with Stevie Nicks) (from Building The Perfect Beast, 1984)
  • The Heart of the Matter (from The End of the Innocence, 1989)
  • Rocky Mountain Way (with Joe Walsh) (from Joe Walsh, The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get, 1973)
  • Life in the Fast Lane (from Eagles, Hotel California, 1976)
  • Hotel California (from Eagles, Hotel California, 1976)
  • Wasted Time (from Eagles, Hotel California, 1976)
  • Desperado (from Eagles, Desperado, 1973)
  • All She Wants to Do Is Dance (from Building The Perfect Beast, 1984)
  • Birthday (The Beatles cover) (with Nicks, Walsh, Schmit and Smyth)