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Scott Churilla Leaves Reverend Horton Heat; "We Need a Drummer"

by VVN Music

After sixteen years, broken over two stints, of being the drummer for the Reverend Horton Heat, Scott Churilla has left the band.

The announcement was made on social media with a small request for help:

I'm sorry to announce that Scott Churilla will no longer be playing with Reverend Horton Heat. We wish him well in his future endeavors and will miss him. We need a drummer.

There is no word on what happened or who initiated the split, but the band does have time to find a new stick man and get them up to speed on the catalog. Their next show is not until September 2 in Abate, Kansas.

Churilla joined the band in 1994, replacing Taz Bentley who had replaced the original drummer, Bobby Baranowski.  Scott left in 2006, with Paul Simmons taking over the drums, before returning in 2013.