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Review: "Time and Emotion" - Robin Trower

by Andy Snipper,

There are a lot of things that you can say about Robin Trower but passionless is not one of them. I defy anyone to listen to this album and not be moved by the moods and emotions Mr. Trower is laying out for us.

He is and always has been a remarkable guitarist but much of his music is about dreamscapes and hypnotic rhythms. In the last two albums he seems to have introduced a greater sense of personal journeys made and enjoyed . Somehow, it seems to have coincided with him playing bass on this album and on Where Are You Going To, his album from last year.

Whatever, it has ended with him writing and playing some of the best music he has ever written in a long, long career.

All the trademarks are there in opener Land Of Plenty; the burning slow guitar sound, softly sung vocals and a mesmeric groove that just can’t be denied. When he sings that “The land of plenty ,, just can’t be satisfied” you are left plenty of room to read into it what you want; he doesn’t preach but he leaves you in no doubt that there is a deep and intense meaning in the song.

He flows into What Was I Really Worth, slowing the roll just a tad and darkening the mood, even increasing the intensity of it all. Nothing he hasn’t done before but somehow he still makes it fresh and alive, drawing you in and making you feel it all.

The eleven tracks here show that he is still the same musician he has always been, no faddish tricks and experiments but everything properly in its place and all designed to get through to you, the listener, not how clever he is but how much the music means to him.

I am almost fed up with saying time and again that this may be the best thing he has ever done but Trower continues to create and move his music further along the road. 

Dammit, this may just be the best thing he HAS ever done!