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Passings: Kenny Shields of Canadian Rockers Streetheart

by VVN Music

Kenny Shields, the lead singer for the classic Canadian rockers Streetheart, died in Winnipeg, Canada on Friday (July 22) at the age of 69.

Shields had recently undergone emergency surgery for a serious situation with his heart which caused the band to cancel their 2017 tour.  Plans were in place for a farewell concert on August 29 at the Winnipeg Classic RockFest.

The band made the announcement on Friday morning:

It is with deep sadness and regret that we announce that our dear friend and bandmate Kenny Shields has passed away quietly and peacefully early this morning at the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg MB.

By his side were his wife Elena, his daughter Julia and his sister Sharlene.

Our thanks to the caring and compassionate staff at the St. B for all the dignity and comfort that they provided for Kenny and his family throughout this difficult time. 

We are most grateful to each and every one of you for all the love, support and hope you have extended towards Kenny and his family over these last few weeks. We know personally how much that meant to Kenny and, that your kindness contributed to his inner peace in the end.

We will keep you all updated as we move forward.

Live your life. Love your life and, enjoy every moment of your life with the ones you love. 

RIP our dear brother. 

You will be missed. 

You will never be forgotten. 


Shields joined the band Witness Incorporated with Daryl Gutheil and Spider which had formed in Regina but later moved to Winnipeg. They changed their name, first, to Witness and then to Streetheart with the addition of Paul Dean and Matt Frenette (later of Loverboy).

They released their first album, Meanwhile Back in Paris, in 1978. Over the next six years, they released five studio albums, one hits collection and one live album before breaking up in 1983. In that short time, they accumulated six gold and four platinum albums in Canada and had two top thirty hits, a disco cover of the Rolling Stones' Under My Thumb (1980 / #20 Canada) and What Kind of Love is This? (1982 / #22 Canada).

Shields, Neill and Gutheil reformed the band in 1999 and have been active right through to what was their current 40th Anniversary Farewell Tour.