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Garth Brooks Fans Reveal Baby's Gender on Stage; Brooks Offers to Pay For Daughter's College

by Newsdesk

Country icon Garth Brooks has offered to pay the college tuition fees for two fans' unborn child after revealing their baby's sex onstage in Los Angeles.

The Friends in Low Places hitmaker was performing at the Forum on Friday night (July 21) when he spotted a man called Wes holding up a sign about his partner Katie's pregnancy and Garth invited the young couple to join him in the spotlight.

Little did he know the devotees had been hoping to be called up onstage so the singer could open the envelope containing the gender of their unborn baby and break the news to them himself.

In video footage posted online of the special moment, Garth, father to three daughters, smiled widely as he learned the pair is having a little girl, who they plan to name Brooks.

"I gotta tell you, I'm extremely happy for you, 'cause I have three of these," he told Wes and Katie, as the audience cheered.

The singer then shared some parenting advice for raising daughters, before deciding to give the couple an added treat for the baby's future.

"We'll make a deal," the 55-year-old star said. "If I am still alive when Brooks goes to college, we'll pay for her college."

Garth is dad to Taylor, August, and Allie from his previous marriage to Sandy Mahl. He is now married to fellow country singer and tour mate Trisha Yearwood.

The tuition offer was Garth's latest act of generosity. Earlier this month, he vowed to pay for a couple's honeymoon to Hawaii after the fans became engaged at his concert in Oklahoma.